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Irish in S Carolina Before 1492?

Or, try this. Celtic presence in America before Leif Erickson, before Brendan the Navigator, even before the Incarnation? This article here by Michael McCormack on the First Christmas Card is quite convincing. Father Longenecker: Something inside me thrills when the received … Continue reading

9/11: The Heroes of Flight 93

The American Catholic, Donald R. McClarey: Passenger Thomas Burnett, Jr. called his wife and she told him about the other planes that had hit the Twin Towers.  He called her back after their first conversation and told her:  “We’re going to … Continue reading

Battle of the Statues

As everyone save the most hermit-like will know, these United States are extremely divided just at the moment. At the conclusion of an administration whose most iconic moment was — for this writer, anyway — an executive order penalising public … Continue reading