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History-minded readers will recognize the letters A.E.I.O.U. as the logo of the Habsburg dynasty and therefore Austria when it was the center of the Holy Roman Empire that they ruled for centuries, an empire which became the Austro-Hungarian one, the … Continue reading

A Tale of Three Revolutions

Last night I attended a meeting of the Alhambra Historical Society, at which Joyce Amaro, president of the Alhambra Preservation Group, gave a presentation on the formerly Episcopalian chapel of Ss. Simon and Jude and her organisation’s thus far successful … Continue reading

Irish in S Carolina Before 1492?

Or, try this. Celtic presence in America before Leif Erickson, before Brendan the Navigator, even before the Incarnation? This article here by Michael McCormack on the First Christmas Card is quite convincing. Father Longenecker: Something inside me thrills when the received … Continue reading