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Alternative news sources for secular news. Here is a list of online news sources that don’t reheat the standard New-York-Times-CNN-BostonGlobe-HuffPo-etc-etc-approved version of what goes on in the world. We in no way endorse the editorial policies of these organizations, but neither could we do the same for the common media outlets.

Stupid Is As Stupid Says

RJ Media: On Sunday, a Democratic representative — who also happens to have been a pastor for 37 years — gave an official prayer to open the 117th Congress. With great pomp and circumstance, he closed his prayer by invoking … Continue reading

Acedia and the Noon Day Devil

CNA, Mary Farrow: What should you be doing right now? If the answer is “not reading this article,” you might want to keep going. If you’re reading this article because you’re distracting yourself from something that needs to be done, … Continue reading

Nigerian Bishop Kidnapped

Spirit Daily: The bishops of Nigeria have urged prayer for the safety and release of a Nigerian Catholic bishop who was abducted Sunday in Owerri, the capital of Nigeria’s Imo State. Bishop Moses Chikwe “is said to have been kidnapped … Continue reading

Saved From a Tsunami: Asian Miracles

Spirit Daily, Michael Brown: [Despite everything — perhaps because of everything — many had a beautiful Christmas experience. Quiet. With a small group of family members. Reflective, hopefully. And full of hope in the face of, and despite, an epidemiological “tsunami.” Remember that actual surge … Continue reading

Who Were the Pilgrims?

Crisis, Patrick J. Walsh: The Pilgrims first sighted land off Cape Cod on November 9, 1620, after spending sixty-five days at sea. They rejoiced, singing Psalm 100, a traditional song of thanksgiving. But as William Bradford recorded in Of Plymouth Plantation, it … Continue reading