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Alternative news sources for secular news. Here is a list of online news sources that don’t reheat the standard New-York-Times-CNN-BostonGlobe-HuffPo-etc-etc-approved version of what goes on in the world. We in no way endorse the editorial policies of these organizations, but neither could we do the same for the common media outlets.

2nd Massachusetts City Legalizes Polyamory

Same sex ‘marriage’ OK; Polyamorous ‘marriage’ OK; what’s next, Uniamory? I hear Looneyville, Massachusetts is considering it. CNA: Cambridge, Massachusetts has redefined domestic partnerships to give relationships involving more than two people the same rights as a married couple. Home … Continue reading

Putin’s Mental Health Is Worsening

AsiaNews, Vladimir Rozanskij: There are increasingly reports of the worsening neurological conditions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, wrote the Khartia77 website yesterday. The reports came just one day after a message was released from his main opponent, Alexei Naval’nyj, who declared himself “amazed … Continue reading

God Loves Wine

Catholic Exchange, Mark Haas: I grew up in a house full of wine. As a cradle-Catholic, it was commonplace for wine to be served to adults on various occasions. Wine may have been served during a party or gathering. In … Continue reading

Saints of Iraq

National Catholic Register, Edward Pentin: As one of the oldest continuous Christian communities in the world, the Christians of Iraq — whom Pope Francis will visit March 5-8 — have not only given the world a culturally rich ecclesiastical heritage, … Continue reading