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Pope Gives Cubans Catholic Meat and Potatoes

From Pope Benedict XVI’s Letter to the Cuban Bishops: To announce true doctrine, to begin listening to and deepening one’s understanding of the word of God, to promote participation in the sacraments and foster a life of prayer are primary … Continue reading

Tension Rising Between Russia and U.S.

What Russian President Vladimir Putin calls a “new arms race” could be just the beginning. With former Soviet Block countries on Russia’s border discussing membership in NATO, Putin, allied with China and Iran, has threatened to aim nuclear warheads at … Continue reading

Another Candidate for Sainthood from the Spanish Civil War

Manuel Lozano Garrido was declared venerable last December. An astounding miraculous cure has just been attributed to him which leaves no question about his intercessory power. Know as “Lolo,” Manuel was especially devoted to the Holy Eucharist. A brief sketch … Continue reading

Pope Exhorts Jesuits on Hot Button Issues

At the end of their General Congregation, the Holy Father gently pressed the issues upon which Jesuits have not exactly been conspicuous for their obedience, issues called elsewhere by the Holy Father, “those neuralgic points of doctrine under heavy attack … Continue reading

Mexico: Spanish Psychiatrist Hounded for Teaching Truth about Homosexuality

Mexico City, Feb. 20, 2008 ( – ABC newspaper reports that 20 homosexual activists from three different gay-rights organizations in Monterrey, Mexico, have asked immigration authorities to expel Spanish psychiatrist Aquilino Polaino for teaching that homosexuality is a sickness. A … Continue reading

Institute of the Good Shepherd is Growing

The news report below, from Catholic World News, reports on the request of Parisian traditionalists for a “personal parish.” Towards the bottom, the Institutes’s growth is detailed.

Vocations Talks Now Available

Over on, you can pick up your copy of seven spiritual conferences given by Brother André Marie, “States in Life.” The talks are available on tape or CD. Please help support our apostolate by purchasing our quality books and … Continue reading

Notice to IE 6 Users

If you are viewing this site with Internet Explorer 6, you will see text chopped off the left margin on some of the posts on the main page of the News Portal. This problem does not occur in the individual … Continue reading

Remembering Father Alfred Kunz

Matt C. Abbott gives this tribute to the murdered priest on the tenth anniversary of his death. Father’s murder has still never been solved. On a personal note, I can say that I was privileged to get to know Father … Continue reading

The Enemies of Lourdes

Andrea Torneilli, the renowned Italian Vaticanologist, has written a book based on his interviews with Father René Laurentin. The book narrates some of the hostilities against the visionary, Saint Bernadette. Tornielli explained to ZENIT that “if was not easy for … Continue reading

Defund Planned Parenthood

There was 264,943 abortions performed during fiscal year 2005-2006–that’s the number Planned Parenthood is boasting about–a record number of abortions, and not so much as one adoption referral. “Our tax dollars are helping to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda,” says … Continue reading

2008 Saint Benedict Center Conference

As things begin to melt here in New Hampshire — yes, they freeze again after they melt in February, but they melt nonetheless — things are heating up for our 2008 conference. Five speakers are lined up so far. Would … Continue reading