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Christendom no longer exists, but, nevertheless, Catholics must be active members of their respective societies and agents of justice in a world bereft of moral values. We must know history, not merely current events. European history, after the conversion of the nations, was the history of the Church. This history is certainly important to know. But, as Americans, we cannot afford to be ignorant of our own history. The virtue of patriotism, which is actually a natural manifestation of the supernatural gift of piety, demands that we have an appreciation for whatever is good in the history of this land of ours, not just after 1776, but since events were recorded here. The virtue of patriotism also obligates us to recognize the sins of our nation. “My country right or wrong,” is an evil axiom that changes patriotism into self-adulating nationalism.

As Catholics, we ought to be justly concerned about world events, especially about the persecution of the Church that is going on in other countries. Advantage ought to be taken of the many good Catholic outlets of information that are available today. Our website is a good source of the news that counts. From our religious perspective, we are able to bypass the useless information and disinformation that fills the major media, and provide the news that affects our lives as members of the Church militant. If it doesn’t help anyone sub specie aeternitatis (under the aspect of eternity) we don’t post it.

The Right on the Rise?

For better or worse, France has had a dominating intellectual and cultural influence throughout the West for a very long time. For most of the past couple of centuries, the influence has been for the worse. Many of the Enlightenment … Continue reading

You Were Cunning, Father Abraham

Ilana Mercer paints a starkly unflattering portrait of Honest Abe in Lincoln lied, people died. Regular readers of this site may be familiar with Gary Potter’s Catholicism and the Old South, which takes a similarly negative attitude toward the much … Continue reading

Sojourners in the Land of Egypt

The headline reads “Egyptian Christians Worry about Radical Islamic Takeover.” The worry is a legitimate one. Instability in the Arab world, caused by revolutions against western-backed strong men, could well empower fanatical Islamists. The downfall of our US-backed Persian strong … Continue reading

Another Anti-SPLC Article

This one from The New American. Excerpt: Smells of a Smear But nowadays the SPLC has become infamous for its commando-aggressive, slick campaigns against mainstream Americans who support constitutional government, the Second Amendment, sound money, traditional marriage, and legal immigration. … Continue reading

Bron Waugh, Man of the Old Right

Mind you, I’m no fan of his Father, Evelyn, but the elder Waugh did have a fantastic wit. His son, Auberon Waugh, called “Bron,” was a spunky paleoconservative, who apparently inherited Dad’s talent for purposeful vituperation. Waugh the younger, was … Continue reading