China: Catholic Church Destroyed, Bishop’s Tomb Desecrated, Worshipers Threatened

AsiaNews, Bernardo Cervellara:  “The Catholic Church in the province of Henan, in central China, is violently persecuted! Pray for them! “: This is the appeal we received yesterday from different parts of China, along with a list of violent acts that have occurred in recent weeks and which we publish below. The last one in the order of time: the plaque and the tomb of Msgr. Li Hongye, was desecrated and destroyed (see photo 1). Msgr. Li (1920-2011) was bishop of Luoyang, recognized by the Holy See, but not by the government. He spent decades in forced labor camps and dozens more under house arrest. The faithful believe the tomb was targeted because they (sic) bore the signs of his episcopal office.

Yesterday, a church in the village of Hutuo (Xicun, Gongyi) in the diocese of Luoyang was also completely destroyed (see photo 2 and video). Report is here.