Creflo Dollar Needs a New Jet and the Devil Doesn’t Want That

This is great. This guy makes Calvin look like a mendicant. He has been promising his “millions” of devotees for decades that if they tithe to his ministry they will be rich and healthy. And people fall for it. And the ones who do are usually already well off. The poor are not so stupid, but the well-to-do, or those climbing for riches, are easy targets. A tithe a week for them is no big deal.

CNN: Prosperity gospel pastor Creflo Dollar responded recently to critics of his campaign to buy a very pricey Gulfstream G650.

Dollar noted in a recent address to his congregants that the devil was attempting to discredit him in regards to his campaign seeking $300 from 200,000 people globally to help buy the luxury jet. Read more here.