Did You Know That the Huffington Post Called for the Pope to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart?

The Remnant posted this six years ago. I just noticed it in their news archives.

Huff Post, : Mystical political drama and theological intrigue grows as Oct. 13, 2013, approaches and the pope prepares the way for true world peace and unity. Powers of good versus evil prepare for battle. Concerns about weapons of mass destruction, corruption, secularism, materialism and individual freedoms are debated. It is interesting to observe the primary actors on the world stage and their moves. Pope Francis and President Xi Jinping of China recently communicated similar notions, the need for soul searching to attain the greatest gift of grace within the heart, the virtue of charity. This accord of “east-west” thought comes at a critical time in history from nations and institutions affected by world events since 1917. Leaving one to ponder, will the pope and President Putin respect the explicit directive “Consecrate Russia,” which began in 1917 from Our Lady of Fatima, the holy woman they both hold as “Mother of the World.” Will Pope Francis unequivocally “Consecrate Russia” to Her Immaculate Heart so the maternal promise of world peace and ultimate good may come to fruition? More here.