Diocese of München: Close Your Eyes Marx and Beer, Clap Your Heels, and Away With ‘Unbearable Discrimination’

Those who know a little German will know what Munchen is.

LifeSiteNews, Maike Hickson: While Cardinal Reinhard Marx is in Rome after being personally invited by the Pope to attend the Youth Synod, his general vicar, Dr. Peter Beer, has stated that the Archdiocese of Munich has “homosexual priests and homosexual employees,” adding that they “render an important and good service.” And more:

Dr. Beer explicitly denies that any connection exists between homosexuality and clerical abuse: “There are now, repeatedly, those claims that the studies [on clerical abuse in Germany] have shown that the abuse victims are mostly boys and the offenders mostly men.”

“I wish to give a warning,” continues the prelate and close collaborator of Cardinal Reinhard Marx, “not to draw –  because of this observation – a direct connection between homosexuality and abuse.” In Beer’s eyes, such an approach would “constitute an unbearable discrimination of persons with homosexual inclinations. I explicitly reject that and I ask us all, not to follow here such slogans.”

Furthermore, Beer adds, “all experts say that these abuse cases are less, or not at all, about homosexual deeds or homosexual relationships, but, rather, that they are about an expression of an immature sexuality,” which then expresses itself in abuse, in a sort of “displacement activity.” Read in full here.