EU Flag Has Marian Origin

I just read an interesting article on Inside the Vatican website about the symbolism of the European flag. I had thought that it was just a coincidence that the flag is blue with a circle of twelve white stars. It is not.

Let me state from the start, for those who do not know that our website is thoroughly committed to restoring Catholic culture, that I consider the European Union to be post Christendom’s attempt to exalt man over God with another Tower of Babel — a utilitarian monument to the new global technocracy. In fact, the Union’s main building is designed to appear as unfinished, as was the Biblical Tower after the confusion of tongues. The European Union is totally antithetical to the holy Catholic Church and the teaching of Our Lord and Savior. That being said, the EU is a reality of our time, hopefully not for long.

The designer of the flag, Arsène Heitz, a French Catholic, was inspired by Our Lady’s Miraculous Medal which, on the reverse side, has twelve stars circumscribing the Cross and the letter “M” and the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Mr. Heitz is a devotee of the Miraculous Medal.

The Blessed Mother dictated the design of the medal exactly as we see it today to a novice of the Sisters of Charity, Saint Catherine Laboure, in 1830. The saint was instructed to have the Medal struck and promote its devotion throughout the universal Church. She was told by Our Lady that she would suffer much in this mission. With the support of her confessor, Father John Marie Aladel, the Archbishop of Paris, and eventually Pope Gregory XVI, the Miraculous Medal, also called the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, flourished worldwide. Many miraculous conversions followed upon sinners who were convinced to wear it.

There is more. Many designs for the flag were offered by way of a competitive contest. The president of that election commission happened to be a Belgian convert from Judaism. I suspect, and it’s just speculation, that the commission judge was familiar with the conversion of another Jew, Father Alphonse Ratisbonne, who scoffed at religion, especially Catholicism, until the Blessed Virgin appeared to him in a  church while he was wearing the Medal with its twelve stars and reciting the Memorare daily to politely comply with the challenge of a devout Catholic friend.

Whether my speculation be true or not, the fact is that both the judge and Mr. Heitz did not reveal the real motivation behind the design of the flag until after it was finally approved. The Belgian convert chose the design because of the Biblical and astronomical significance of the number twelve, as a crowning completion or perfection: 12 patriarchs from Adam to Jacob, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 loaves of proposition, 12 judges of Israel, 12 months of the year; and the New Testament, especially the Book of Apocalypse, is replete with the number 12: Twelve apostles, Jesus refers to 12 legions of angels in the Garden of His Passion, 12 fruits of the Holy Ghost, 12 foundation stones in the New Jerusalem, and the Great Sign “And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars” (Apoc. 12:1).

Yesterday, October 23, devout Catholic on pilgrimage processed the Pilgrim Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima right past the Union’s Parliament Headquarters on their way to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg. May Our Lady of Fatima one day reclaim Christendom and her crown of stars with the conversion of Russia — and may it happen soon. Russia will convert when the country is consecrated by the pope and the bishops, and, as Saint Padre Pio said, it will happen swiftly so that the whole world will know that this conversion was directly due to an extraordinary grace of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. For the blood of the Catholic martyrs of Russia cries out for the restoration of the motherland in grace and truth.

Read the article here.