‘I Am Not Just Pro-Life, I Am Pro-Eternal Life’ Sister Deirdre Byrne

Transcript of her address to the RNC provided by CNA. Here’s how she ends her speech:

“President Trump has earned the support of America’s pro-life community. Moreover, he has a nationwide of religious standing behind him. You’ll find us here with our weapon of choice, the Rosary. Thank you, Mr. President, we are all praying for you.”

Has there ever been a more Catholic speech at a presidential convention?

Rorate Caeli: Good evening. I am Sister Dede Byrne, and I belong to the Community of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Last Fourth of July, I was honored to be one of the president’s guests at his Salute to America celebration. I must confess that I recently prayed while in chapel, begging God to allow me to be a voice, an instrument for human life. And now here I am, speaking at the Republican National Convention. Full speech here.