Interview With Marco Tossati on US Invasion of Iraq and Attacks on Syria

Just after posting this interview, I read on Horn News that Assad is now being accused again by US of using chemical weapons on rebel forces and civilians, his own people, including children, last Saturday. Forty, mostly children, were killed. Assad denies doing this or even having such weapons. The target of the attack was a rebel held town. It would be highly unlikely that Assad would use chemical weapons, even if he had them, that would kill his own civilians. What would be the purpose? He would draw the just wrath even of his allies. It makes no sense. What does make sense is that anti-Assad forces would commit this atrocity, blame him for it, and justify their own cause, backed by conscienceless jihadists. As the following interview demonstrates, Assad was never found to have chemical weapons. But many other countries, sixteen in fact, do or did, including the United States. Most of these, like the US, signed a UN  Convention Agreement to destroy any stockpiles of such weapons by 2012. I assume that the US has destroyed its stockpile, which our country claims to have done. Question is: how about manufacturing facilities?

The Wanderer, Maike Hickson: (Editor’s Note: Dr. Maike Hickson conducted this interview with the Italian journalist Marco Tosatti, who has worked as a journalist since the 1970s. Tosatti wrote for the Italian newspaper La Stampa for many years and now writes for the Italian Catholic website La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana and his own blog, Stilum Curiae.) Here is the informative interview.