Jimmy Carter at it Again: Says Church Should Have Women Priests

Time Swampland: Well, religion can be, and I think there’s a slow, very slow, move around the world to give women equal rights in the eyes of God. What has been the case for many centuries is that the great religions, the major religions, have discriminated against women in a very abusive fashion and set an example for the rest of society to treat women as secondary citizens. In a marriage or in the workplace or wherever, they are discriminated against. And I think the great religions have set the example for that, by ordaining, in effect, that women are not equal to men in the eyes of God.

This has been done and still is done by the Catholic Church ever since the third century, when the Catholic Church ordained that a woman cannot be a priest for instance but a man can. More on this here.

About a year ago, in his new book on Bible Studies, Carter championed a female priesthood and same-sex marriage, and, in particular, criticized Pope John Paul II’s “mandated subservience of women.” Full report is here.