Nyuck, Nyuck, and a Whiff of Brimstone

In the vast wasteland known as American popular culture, every once in a while — actually, quite frequently — something truly infernal comes to the screen (or the tube, or the airwaves), and makes particularly hellish mockery of the good, the true, and the beautiful. Thus it is that we are not surprised that a sentimental (or at least avaricious) film revival of The Three Stooges makes a mockery of consecrated Catholic women. (The riveting plot of the film can be found, along with nearly everything else, on Wikipedia.)

Let it not be forgotten that Satan hates the Blessed Virgin Mary, will strike at Her heel, and will ultimately be crushed by it. He strikes not only at Her, but at doctrines, devotions, and images that honor Her. Consecrated religious women are images of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Enemy of the human race will, therefore, seek to degrade this image internally at times by corrupting it, and externally at other times — by sheer mockery. The last-named method is part of 20th Century Fox’s current “Stooges” offering.

One Sister of Mercy is made the subject of odious ridicule, the other of lust. Enough said.

God is not mocked (Gal. 6:7); neither is His Mother. There will be a comeuppance; but, hopefully, a conversion first.