Pope Francis Gives Inspiring Message on Humility, Meekness

AsiaNews: “Dialogue needs meekness, not shouting. We must also think that the other person has something more than me, as did David : ‘ He is the anointed of the Lord, he is more important than me.’ Humility , meekness … To dialogue, you need to do what we asked for in prayer today , at the beginning of the Mass : to become everything to everybody. Humility, meekness, be all things to all people and – though it is not written in the Bible – we all know that to do this we have to bite our tongue many times. But, we have to do it, because this is how peace is made: with humility, humiliation, always trying to see the image of God in the other”.

“Dialogue is difficult” acknowledged Pope Francis. But what’s worse than trying to build a bridge with an opponent is letting resentment toward him take over our hearts. In this way we are “isolated in this broth of our bitter resentment”. A Christian , however, has David, who overcomes hatred with “an act of humility”, as their model. Read more here.