Protest Emily Rooney’s Slander of Padre Pio

If you have not read yesterday’s release by the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, please do so and consider this action item:

Please contact WGBH and let them know how outraged you were by Emily Rooney’s contemptuous and unjust slander of Padre Pio.

You may email WGBH at: [email protected] . You may also contact Jeff Keating, managing editor of WGBH News at 617-300-2539. You may contact Emily Rooney directly at [email protected].

Catholics should not remain silent in the face of this unprovoked insult to one of our greatest modern saints—yet another example of Catholic bashing in the media. Please contact WGBH today, and please forward this Action Alert to your family and friends.

Padre Pio, pray for us!