Ready-to-Use Admissions of Pro-Abortionists, Including Some Doctors Who Admit to ‘Killing Babies’

I just filled out a Questionaire for Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List on fighting against abortion. The last question asked for suggestions or input. As I started writing my suggestion grew longer and longer. I thought, therefore, that I would share my suggestion with our readers.

We need to have a common definition, ready to use, of human life and when it begins. We must insist when confronting pro-abortionists, especially politicians, that they DEFINE human life. And, if they are hesitant, then we must advise them not to seek office or get out of office. After all,  If they do not know what human life is, how can they be so bold as to want to represent voters who are human beings? Whom (or shall I say rather WHAT), are they representing? We need intelligent representatives who can DEFINE terms. And the first term to define is human life.

What is it, we must ask them, that is conceived in the womb if not a human being? The baby in the womb assimilates food, grows, and when matured will be able to reproduce its kind. These are the three essential powers of all material life. The baby in the womb can move itself; that power, as Aristotle taught, is a property of all living things . And, most importantly, the baby in the womb has a rational, and therefore, immortal soul that has the potency to reason. If the baby survives in the womb and outside the womb (after about seven years) it will reduce this intellectual potency to act and begin to reason, knowing right from wrong, Properly informed, the reasoning child will be able to know truth from error, etc.

The pro-abortionist “statesmen” must be accountable to honesty as even some of their more intelligent cohorts are who at least have the honesty to admit that abortion is the taking of a human life. Some of these cohorts are even abortion performing doctors. The names of these doctors ought to be known and used publicly in confronting dishonest pro-abortionists, especially legislators.

Some of these are: Abortionist Dr. Curtis Boyd; abortion doctor Dr. Benjamin Kalish; Dr. Szenes, abortionist, who admitted “We are executioners”; and abortion performer Judith Arcana.

Pro-abortion Faye Wattleton, former head of Planned Parenthood, admitted that it is a “baby” that is being aborted in her book How to Talk to Your Child About Sexuality; pro-abortion author Kathleen McDonnell in her book Not An Easy Choice: A Feminist Re-examines Abortion admits the same; pro-abortion author Leslie Cannold stated likewise and emphatically so in her book The Abortion Myth: Feminism, Morality, and the Hard Choices Women Make. Creator of “The Abortion Diaries” Penny Lane says of her own abortion, in an article in Salon Magazine, that “I knew it was a baby;” Jennifer Baumgardner, creator of the “I Had An Abortion” T-shirt, in her book Abortion and Life deplored the use of euphemisms like “fetus” in advocating for abortion. She insists that the right word is “baby” and that pro-abortionists must stop pretending that it is not a pre-born baby. Other pro-abortion feminist writers like Camille Paglia (she now objects to being called a “feminist”) and Naomi Wolfe insist that fellow pro-abortionists must call the “fetus” a “baby” and admit that abortion kills a baby.

Finally, one of the most notorious abortionists, the late Doctor Jane Hodgson, said in her book Doctors of Conscience: “I think in many ways I’ve been lucky to have been part of this [murdering pre-born babies]. If I hadn’t gotten involved, I would have gone through life probably being perfectly satisfied to go to the medical society parties and it would have been very, very dull. I would have been bored silly.” (Beacon Press, 1995) by Carole Joffe.

Yes, she actually said she would have been bored silly if she did not perform abortions. We may ask what it was about killing pre-born babies that made her “service” an antidote to being “bored silly”? It would be fitting if “Shout Your Abortion” Movement founder Amelia Bonow adopted this macabre precursor of Dr. Tiller as her organization’s patroness.

Marjorie, I think pro-lifers should use this summary information as frequently as they can. The authors of these admissions should be names that we can readily use in conversation.