The Footprints of Jesus?

When I was in Rome in 1974 I visited the church Quo Vadis. I kissed what I thought were the actual footprints of Our Lord. They were not. They were replicas of the original relic that is kept in the Basilica of Saint Sebastian Outside the Walls. There was no sign in the church indicating that the real relic was close by or whether or not it was able to be venerated.

uCatholic: Billy Ryan: Although a majority have been lost to history, some of the earliest relics of the Church still survive to this day. Of the surviving artifacts, those associated with Jesus Christ Himself have been the most studied and fascinating of them of all.

The most well known of these artifacts include the Shroud of Turin, the True Cross, and the Holy Robe of Jesus Christ. However, one obscure and little-known relic you might not have heard of is purported to have the actual footprints of Jesus. More here.