The Literal Sense Validates the Other Three Senses of Holy Scripture

Excellent article follows here. For any man. No need to have a degree. I especially appreciate the way Mr. Kilby handled creation. Quote: “Also keep in mind that our God is the Creator of the laws upon which we base our sciences, and he can defy them if he so chooses.” followed by the salient quote from S Gregory the Great. One commentator, Bob, misses the point by coping out on the literal truth of the six days. Not, of course, 24 hour days (that is, for the first three days), but a day as from darkness to light being a day, Yes light before the sun. A mystery does not negate the literal sense!!! God made the laws of physics, He is not bound by them. The sun stood still for Joshua!! Bravo David.

Catholic Stand, David Kilby: Recently I was in a men’s small group discussion, and we started discussing whether certain events in the Bible really happened. When I expressed my belief that events like the Flood and parting of the Red Sea were actual historical events, many looked at me like I believed in Santa Claus. Full article is here.