About Pope Saint Pius V

During the age of the so-called Reformation, in the sixteenth century, this was the greatest Pope. Saint Pius V ruled the one true Church for six years, from 1566 to 1572. He is the Pope who supported the Christians in their crusade against the Turks in the Battle of Lepanto. He set up the feast of the Most Holy Rosary. He put the invocation “Help of Christians” into the Litany of Our Lady. He is the Pope who valiantly supported all the decrees of the Council of Trent. He insisted on putting these decrees into effect despite the growing Protestant opposition of his day. Saint Pius V is the Pope who courageously excommunicated Queen Elizabeth of England. He was a great lover of Church music and liturgical observances. He restored the rite of the Latin Mass to the ancient Roman usage. The lovely prayer, Domine, non sum dignus ( O Lord, I am not worthy) and the last blessing were put into the Mass by Pope Saint Pius V.