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Blue is for Purity

In Catholic religious art the color blue, not white, is symbolic of purity. The white wedding gown originated in the nineteenth century in imitation of Queen Victoria who wore white for her wedding to Prince Albert. The blue that brides … Continue reading

Los Angeles

The original name of Los Angeles, California, as a Franciscan mission, was El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula (The Village of Our Lady Queen of the Angels of the Portiuncula). The Portiuncula was the … Continue reading

From The Laptops in Rome

Here in the Eternal City, I’ve been seeing many of the holy places, and attending Mass every day in the traditional rite. What follows are some notes and impressions of an American pilgrim in Rome, blessed with wonderful opportunities here, … Continue reading

Famous Catholic Scientists

The names for three different kinds of electrical measure: amps, volts, and coulombs, come from the surnames of three Catholic scientists who were each pioneers in their respected fields. André Marie Ampere was a French mathematician, chemist, and physicist.

Dumb Bells

Dumbbells, the smaller one hand weights used by body builders, were named after a tool used by church bell ringers in teaching the art of steeple bell ringing to their apprentices. The tool was a special bell that would not … Continue reading