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Copyright and Sharing

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike License. What does this mean? All the material on our site is copy written, with some rights reserved.* Except in those articles … Continue reading

Vast Right-Wing Catholic Conspiracy

How’s this for leading, buzz-wordy, rhetoric-charged, unencumbered-by-facts reportage? In anticipation of Obama’s address and his being awarded an honorary degree from Notre Dame, a number of right-wing groups, including Catholic anti-abortion and anti-stem cell research groups, are ratcheting up tensions … Continue reading

Is Evil a Problem?

On the Sunday after Easter readers of the Washington Post were shocked and saddened by a story on the paper’s front page. It concerned a family who lived in Middletown in the Maryland countryside about 50 miles outside D.C. The … Continue reading

The Temperament God Gave You

The Temperament God Gave You: The Classic Key to Knowing Yourself, Getting Along with Others, and Growing Closer to the Lord, by Art and Laraine Bennett. Published by Sophia Press. The four temperaments: “Catholic astrology” or solid science? In this … Continue reading