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Here’s One for the Feminists

The unnatural phenomenon we know as feminism has de-feminised the female. Some former feminists are reckoning with this stark reality. That there are important differences between the sexes — something children understand and are made to “unlearn” in state-sponsored propaganda … Continue reading

Snakes Be Gone

I want to get these facts out a month early, so that come next month, the 17th of March to be precise, when some smart-aleck, Irish Catholic, college grad writes in your local paper that there were no snakes in … Continue reading

Fearless Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos

If you look at his face, these features are those of a man who means business.  As bishop in Medellin, Colombia, he was known to walk the streets giving whatever charity he could to his impoverished flock. 

Words Coined By Saints

Michael Foley, in his Why Do Catholics Eat Fish On Friday, came up with four words invented by saints.  That’s not very impressive if you are comparing them to Shakespeare, who invented about one hundred new words, but it’s still … Continue reading

NY Times on the SSPX

The New York Times and its liberal progressivist sources have let it out. Wouldn’t you know it… they aren’t pleased that the Holy See has lifted the excommunications of the four traditionalist bishops of the SSPX. We were all dying … Continue reading