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God-sibling to Gossip

The word “gossip” originally had a very noble meaning. It is contracted from “god-sibling” and was the term used for the godparent at baptism. In time the word was extended in usage and applied to any close friend, and, more … Continue reading

U.S. Bishop the Son of a Slave

Yes, there was a Catholic bishop in the United States whose mother had been a Negro slave.  He was James Augustine Healy (1830-1900), second bishop of Portland Maine.  He was born in Macon, Georgia, to Michael Healy, an Irish immigrant … Continue reading

West Virginia in Heaven’s Eye

There are several interesting facts in the history of West Virgina that highlight the footprints of the Catholic Church in the most mountainous state east of the MIssissippi. The first is a tradition handed down from the eighteenth century that … Continue reading

Sylvester II An Inventive Pope

Sylvester II (999-1003), the first French Pope, a great teacher, theologian, philosopher, and diplomat is credited with inventing the first mechanical pendulum clock. Not only that, but while studying mathematics and natural science under Arab instructors in Spain, he persuaded … Continue reading

Blue is for Purity

In Catholic religious art the color blue, not white, is symbolic of purity. The white wedding gown originated in the nineteenth century in imitation of Queen Victoria who wore white for her wedding to Prince Albert. The blue that brides … Continue reading