New Hampshire Alert: “Transgender Rights” and the “Bathroom Bill”

Legitimizing perversity is a fetish for some legislators. New Hampshire House Bill 415, dubbed by conservatives, “the Bathroom Bill,” is an effort to protect the rights of people who voluntarily mutilate themselves in the futile pretense that they have changed their God-given gender to another one.

The Manchester Union Leader has an article on the bill.

A friend sent me his comments to members of the NH House and Senate. He’s fairly direct:

Have you all gone mad?

Do you not realize that gender is built-into nature, regardless of your “feelings”, desires, and wishes? Regardless of your fetishes, perversions, and lusts? Are you not aware of the obvious differences in anatomy between the TWO sexes?

How are we supposed to take our children into public bathrooms if you pass this indecent legislation? How are we supposed to preserve their innocence or protect them from the perverted predations of this bill’s sponsors?

With every bill that has been introduced into this session of the NH legislature, we become more convinced that we are not being served by representatives, but being ruled by misfits, perverts, and tyrants.

5 thoughts on “New Hampshire Alert: “Transgender Rights” and the “Bathroom Bill”

  1. Brother Andre Marie,

    Your judgment of people unknown to you belies your obvious lack of understanding of the word of God. Attacking others for a part of humanity which you are not willing to begin to consider as life only shows your blind belief, and lack of acceptance of people as people. Diversity is the most important aspect of being human. You wouldn’t judge the lion for eating a zebra would you? Of course not, because that is what a lion does. Well, the human race is neither split into lions, nor zebras. There are gray areas. I think it’s time you spent some one on one time learning about those you condemn so easily. You might even learn something about yourself.

  2. This isn’t about “legitimizing perversity”, it is about safety. If I were forced to use the bathroom for my assigned gender, I would be at much higher risk of assault, up to and including being raped and murdered. Your children are not at risk from trans* people, nor are you.

    Asking to be able to wash our hands and take care of our needs without fear of assault or abuse is not asking for you to like us, simply pleading for a little human dignity.

  3. Nikki: You will note that I did not judge people. I made no judgment on any individual. I I did not say, regarding those who call themselves “transgendered” (which they are not), that I am “not willing to begin to consider [them] as life” — whatever that means. I know they are human; I know they are alive; I know they are people. I wish they would act naturally — neither seeking to mutilate themselves nor to inflict this perverse morality on others via legislation.

    What is wrong with this legislation is that it defines a new class of humans — “transgendered” (which they are not) — who are given a special protection under the law previously unheard of in any civilization. It is perverse because, with this legal recognition, will come protection of other “rights” of this artificially delimited category of humanity. Eventually, children will believe the myth of “transgenderism” — thinking that it is legally protected (and therefore OK) for someone to do something so very unnatural.

    Lions eat zebras because that is natural behavior to a lion. surgically/hormonally altering oneself is unnatural.

    Perhaps you could show me the passage in Holy Scripture which accords rights to those who attempt to change their God-given gender.

  4. Polerin: You used an interesting turn of phrase: “my assigned gender.” The fact that you recognize you have been “assigned” a gender (by Whom?) says a lot. Evidently “assigning” gender wasn’t done at the hospital or in some state bureau of gender assignation. You were assigned a gender by God, who knew you before you were born. (Note: If you say you were assigned your gender “by nature,” then this is an affirmation of my statement that attempting to change one’s gender is “unnatural.”)

    The assault against your human dignity is not denying you a non-extant “right” to use a girl’s room when you are really a boy. The assault against your dignity is that you would attempt to make yourself a girl when you are really a boy.

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