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Blow Up Your Television

… or at least keep it only for occasional clean movies. The Boy Scouts of America offer this very good article on the benefits to family life that come from ditching TV consumption. Note: Educators I know can easily spot … Continue reading

You Cannot Serve God and Mammon

You get the leaders you choose deserve. It is a deplorable fact that, generally speaking, most “Catholics” who vote, base their ballot selections on the candidate that promises to keep their wallets and pocketbooks fat.

Notre Dame President Approves Filthy Play

The reasons? In a Monday press release, Father Jenkins wrote, “I am well aware that the performance of this play will upset many.” He said it was “particularly painful” for him that Bishop of South Bend-Fort Wayne John D’Arcy and … Continue reading

Perverts Plan to Dishonor Holy Father

Rainbow Sash Movement Plots Papal Protest Gay advocacy group to throw ashes and blow whistles at pope during April US visit By Michael Baggot March 11, 2008 ( – The Rainbow Sash Movement, a homosexual activist group, announced their plans … Continue reading

Luther Rehab a Fraud

Remember the prediction I made the other day, the one about “The Pope will NOT say that Luther was not a heretic”? Here’s the vindication: Rumors that the Vatican is set to rehabilitate Martin Luther, the 16th-century leader of the … Continue reading

Governator Blasts Court Ruling against Parents Rights in Education

From WorldNetDaily: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today blasted a court ruling that endangered homeschooling and homeschoolers statewide. “Every California child deserves a quality education and parents should have the right to decide what’s best for their children,” the governor said … Continue reading

The Governor’s Lesson

There is plenty enough on New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s recent scandal in the media (e.g., “Virulently Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay NY Governor Admits Involvement in High-Level Prostitution Ring”). One of the many morals to be learned from this story has been … Continue reading

Southern Poverty Law Center: Still Manufacturing Hate

SPLC’s “Stop the Hate” campaign translates into Stop the Debate, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) regarding illegal immigration. [Full Story at JBS News Feeds] Regular readers will not be surprised to discover that Morris Dees’ … Continue reading

Media Cooks up List of New Sins

Have you seen headlines about “new deadly sins”? They commonplace the last few days. Phil Lawler does a perceptive unmasking of this latest sophomoric creation of the English-speaking secular press.  An ordinary reader, basing his opinion only on the inane … Continue reading

Pope Benedict’s ‘Affirmative Orthodoxy’

Here is another selection from John Allen’s observations on Friday. This is Allen’s explanation of Pope Benedict’s papal M.O. It seems to me that this explanation is more than plausible in assessing what makes this Holy Father tick. What should … Continue reading

An End to the Good Friday Controversy?

Mr. Michael Matt, at The Remnant, considers the following paragraph from a recent La Civiltà Cattolica to be a semi-official termination of the controversy surrounding the new prayer for the Jews: This [the new GF prayer] contains nothing that is … Continue reading

Catholic Confessors Get Vatican Crash Course

One terrifying aspect of the current ecclesial mess is the crisis of the confessional. In Rome, measures are being taken… A crash course for priests who hear confessions is being held at the Vatican this week, as part of an … Continue reading

Homosexualism does not Correspond to Moral Principles of Society Says Ukraine Parliamentary Committee

By Hilary White KIEV, Ukraine, March 7, 2008 ( – A committee of the Ukrainian Parliament is calling for a halt to the popularization of homosexuality that has become such a prominent feature of life in western European and North … Continue reading