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Abortion Triple Tragedy

An abortive mother commits suicide, revealing in her note, “I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum.”

Once More, Pope Emphasizes Mission, Evangelism

In his message for the “Day of Prayer for Vocations,” the Holy Father highlighted the close connection of the priesthood and religious life to the mission of the Church. “Mission” and “evangelism” have been present in many of the pope’s … Continue reading

Infanticide and the Need for a Pro-Life Update

From and editorial on It is a funny thing, though, about the social left, with its ever fluid notion of truth and blind faith in the goodness of “progress” and “change”, that an opinion that is one day deemed … Continue reading

A Little Sociology from John Allen

Religion in America compared with Religion in Europe: Vatican officials tend to see the United States as a bulwark against secularism, especially in contrast with contemporary realities in Western Europe. Despite the fact that one can certainly find strong pockets … Continue reading

Not What We Hoped For

Let’s start from square one: I believe my religion is the true one — the one that came from, well, you know, God. If I am a logical person, I believe that other folks’ religions are not true (at least … Continue reading

Deepak Chopra / In the Vanguard of Antichrist

This spewer of new age garbage is hugely promoted by the media. His mug is familiar to anyone who has nothing better to do than surf television channels, as his seminars are broadcast all over the English speaking world, practically … Continue reading

George Bush, Space Cowboy?

 Maybe this was a humanitarian mission, to prevent wreckage from a dead satellite from littering a 100 mile swath. Perhaps the environmental aspect was the reason, as it was supposed to contain deadly fuel. Or, maybe it was a statement … Continue reading

Soft-peddling of Pope’s Stern Message to Jesuits

(CWN) Pope Benedict delivered a stern, no-nonsense message to Jesuit leaders on February 21. The CWN coverage of the Pope’s talk was not terribly different from the accounts carried here and here and even here.

Oprah & Friends: My salvation comes from me

Reach under your seats and find… a new pantheistic religion! From Whispers in the Loggia: Oprah Winfrey will be letting out all the stops on her XM Satellite Radio program this coming year. Beginning January 1, 2008, “Oprah & Friends” … Continue reading

Pope Gives Cubans Catholic Meat and Potatoes

From Pope Benedict XVI’s Letter to the Cuban Bishops: To announce true doctrine, to begin listening to and deepening one’s understanding of the word of God, to promote participation in the sacraments and foster a life of prayer are primary … Continue reading

Tension Rising Between Russia and U.S.

What Russian President Vladimir Putin calls a “new arms race” could be just the beginning. With former Soviet Block countries on Russia’s border discussing membership in NATO, Putin, allied with China and Iran, has threatened to aim nuclear warheads at … Continue reading

Another Candidate for Sainthood from the Spanish Civil War

Manuel Lozano Garrido was declared venerable last December. An astounding miraculous cure has just been attributed to him which leaves no question about his intercessory power. Know as “Lolo,” Manuel was especially devoted to the Holy Eucharist. A brief sketch … Continue reading