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Alternative news sources for secular news. Here is a list of online news sources that don’t reheat the standard New-York-Times-CNN-BostonGlobe-HuffPo-etc-etc-approved version of what goes on in the world. We in no way endorse the editorial policies of these organizations, but neither could we do the same for the common media outlets.

Pope Addresses Young on Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Among the inspiring words the Holy Father wrote to the participants in the annual youth pilgrimage were the following: “[C]elebrate with enthusiasm the joy of loving Christ and of believing and hoping in him, and to follow with trust the … Continue reading

Relic tour unites military families together in prayer

Los Angeles, Apr 28, 2008 / 10:22 pm (CNA).- A Los Angeles-based apostolate is sending relics of Catholic saints to U.S. troops based around the world and to their families in the United States.  More here.

Yoko Ono Files Suit Against “Expelled” Filmmakers Over Use of Lennon’s Atheistic Song

“Dallas, Apr 25, 2008 / 08:50 pm (CNA).- Yoko Ono, the widow of Beatles singer and songwriter John Lennon, has with several others filed several lawsuits challenging the use and critique of Lennon’s song “Imagine” in the documentary “Expelled.” One … Continue reading

New York Abortuary Closes After 40-Day Prayer Vigil

New York, Apr. 25, 2008 ( – An abortion clinic in Rockland County, New York, announced its closing on April 25. It was one of 50 American abortion centers targeted by the “40 Days for Life” prayer campaign. Read here.

Senate Democrats Object to Resolution Welcoming Pope

Led by Senator Barbara Boxer Democrats objected to the “values” Pope Benedict placed on “each and every human life.”  It smacked of anti-abortion doctrine, they said. In this objection, are these anti-life forces admitting that the “fetus” is a human … Continue reading

Father Raymond de Souza Takes China to Task

Good article here which exposes the murderous regime that still runs China today, after fifty nine years of bloody tyranny, and the farce of the Olympic “torch of freedom.”

Peruvian Cardinal Prohibits Communion in the Hand

Finally, the abuse that became the custom, is being eradicated by a prelate who truly reverences the Real Presence of Christ in His Blessed Sacrament. Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of the city of saints, Lima, Peru,  informed the … Continue reading

Pope Addresses US Bishops

Covering many issues, the following paragraph was the highlight of the pope’s address. “Is it consistent to profess our beliefs in church on Sunday, and then during the week to promote business practices or medical procedures contrary to those beliefs?

Abortion is “Murder” and a “Negation of the Right to Life”: Maltese Bishops to Council of Europe

CoE is deliberating a motion that calls for the decriminalisation of abortion in all 47 member states By Thaddeus M. Baklinski VALLETTA, MALTA, April 15, 2008 ( – The bishops of Malta and Gozo issued a press release today saying … Continue reading