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Alternative news sources for secular news. Here is a list of online news sources that don’t reheat the standard New-York-Times-CNN-BostonGlobe-HuffPo-etc-etc-approved version of what goes on in the world. We in no way endorse the editorial policies of these organizations, but neither could we do the same for the common media outlets.

Nazi Eugenics Gains Support in Britain from Baroness/Philosopher

LONDON, ( – In an interview, Baroness Mary Helen Warnock has said that people suffering dementia have a duty to commit suicide.Baroness Warnock, called the “philosopher queen”, is regarded as Britain’s leading moral philosopher. She said that she hopes people … Continue reading

Gangs Desecrate Chapel in Hanoi as Police Stand By

A hundred priests and ten thousand courageous Catholics march in protest in Hanoi over Communist injustices and the confiscation of Catholic properties during previous regimes. This is an ongoing story.  There have been many confrontations between thugs and the faithful … Continue reading

In Last Discourse at Lourdes Pope Calls All to be Saints

This was a very inspiring address.  In it the Holy Father spoke with great eloquence on Christ’s desire to be one with us and how He left us the sacrament of His love in the Holy Eucharist.

Catholic Journalists Under Fire From Vietnamese Police

Hanoi, Sep 11, 2008 / 03:08 pm (CNA).- Thousands of Catholics in Hanoi are continuing their peaceful protests asking for the return of their land illegally seized by the Vietnamese government. Worried about the international exposure of their tactics, the … Continue reading

How Best to Approach This Question?

CWN reports: At last, with a statement published in the September 5 issue of Catholic San Francisco, Archbishop Niederauer ended his silence. Acknowledging the confusion caused by the Speaker’s public remarks, he said that after some reflection he had concluded … Continue reading