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Do “Raghead” Christians Count?

John Zmirak broaches that delicate question over at Taki’s Magazine. Armageddon-pushing American Christian Zionists seem to disregard the baptized, professing Christians of the Arab world. The latter, like the Japanese of the 1940s, have been dehumanized. In short, U.S. Foreign … Continue reading

Dom Gérard Calvet Remembered by Pete Vere

Mr. Pete Vere has written two articles on Dom Gérard, the recently deceased traditionalist Benedictine founder. The first describes the Abbot’s pro-life dedication — including his arrest, with several of his monks, who chained themselves to the equipment in a … Continue reading

New Latin Mass Location in Boston

This article comes from the Boston Globe. A tertiary member of our Order is mentioned: Colbe Mazzarella of East Boston, a former Holy Trinity parishioner, brings five of her children to weekly Latin Mass in Newton. “It’s more reverent and … Continue reading

Why Liberal Left Church

When someone labels John Paul II a “reactionary,” you know his deck has a few more jokers in it than usual. I suspect the hierarchy will be content to continue losing non-conservative Catholics in the U.S. if they’re replaced by … Continue reading

Obama Pledges Queer Presidential Bully Pulpit

Washington DC, Mar 1, 2008 / 06:10 pm (CNA).- Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has promised to use the presidency as a “bully pulpit” for homosexual activism, according to an open letter released on his campaign website. In the February … Continue reading

CDF Rules Feminist Baptismal Formula Invalid

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) released a statement on February 29 saying that a baptism “in the name of the Creator, and of the Redeemer, and of the Sanctifier,” is not a valid Christian sacrament. Both … Continue reading

Rabbi: ‘Catholics Have a Right To Pray for Us’

This is not the first time Rabbi Neuser has parted company with Foxman et alia. The ADL and company’s strident propaganda would lead people to assume that all Jews think that way.

Pope asks for release of kidnapped Iraqi archbishop

VATICAN CITY, Feb 29 (Reuters) – Pope Benedict deplored on Friday the kidnapping of the Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Mosul in Iraq as a “despicable” crime and urged the gunmen to free the prelate. Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho was kidnapped … Continue reading

Dom Gérard Calvet of Le Barroux Dies at 80

This notice comes from the traditionalist monastery, St Madeleine’s Abbey, in Le Barroux France: Dear friends, Maybe you know the sad news: my abbot emeritus and founder Dom Gérard Calvet is gone. Coming back from a funeral in his family, … Continue reading

Schmoozing My Religion

This editorial by Michael McGough in the Los Angeles Times is a combination of fatuousness, pre-fab journalistic banality, and expected superficiality all rolled up in one, complete with de rigueur hat tips to superliberals Richard McBrien and Andrew Greeley. But … Continue reading

Undercover Investigation Reveals Planned Parenthood’s Racism

PP agreed to take donations earmarked to reduce numbers of blacks By Thaddeus M. Baklinski LOS ANGELES, February 28, 2008 ( – UCLA’s pro-life student magazine, The Advocate, has revealed an undercover investigation in which representatives of Planned Parenthood enthusiastically … Continue reading