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Defund Planned Parenthood

There was 264,943 abortions performed during fiscal year 2005-2006–that’s the number Planned Parenthood is boasting about–a record number of abortions, and not so much as one adoption referral. “Our tax dollars are helping to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda,” says … Continue reading

2008 Saint Benedict Center Conference

As things begin to melt here in New Hampshire — yes, they freeze again after they melt in February, but they melt nonetheless — things are heating up for our 2008 conference. Five speakers are lined up so far. Would … Continue reading

Peach Pie Apologetics

The 3-minute video below is from a pre-Lenten skit show at Saint Benedict Center. These two school students presented what amounts to a comical exercise in ignoratio elenchi. Knowing how to handle such situations — with more suavity than the … Continue reading

Vatican says Pius XII sainthood process not stalled

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican’s top saint-maker said on Monday he was moving ahead with the cause of wartime Pope Pius XII, and defended him against accusations he was silent about the Holocaust. Some critics accuse Pius, who reigned … Continue reading

Spanish Bishop: Church Has Right to Speak about Politics

The secularist-socialist Zapatero government harshly criticized the Church for taking a stance on moral issues in the political realm. Bishop Jose Sanchez of Siguenza-Guadalajara issued a pastoral letter stressing that the bishops will not renounce their right to speak freely … Continue reading

Russia Patriarch sees no imminent ties with Rome

MOSCOW, Feb 18 (Reuters) – The leader of Russia’s powerful Orthodox Church played down hopes of an imminent reconciliation with Rome in an interview on Monday, saying Catholic missionary activity in Russia prevented the churches from restoring ties. Speculation has … Continue reading

‘The Conversion Insult’

James Carroll, the Boston Globe’s opinion writer, has entered the fray concerning the Good Friday prayer. He tells us that after Vatican II… The Eucharist was no longer understood only as a “sacrifice,” enacted on an altar by the priest, … Continue reading

Emperor Karl’s Miracle vs President Wilson’s Legacy

A peace-loving Austrian Emperor about to be canonized compared with his wartime foe, an American president with a legacy of martial anti-Christendom interventionism. Guess who wins? John Zmirak writes about it in “An Inconvenient Miracle” on Taki’s Top Drawer:

Father Leonard Feeney Smeared

Well into the cyber age, few people are safe in matters concerning their reputation. The flow of digital traffic is impressive — and very useful — but road rage abounds on the information superhighway as civility and common decency (nevermind Christian virtue) tend … Continue reading

Admonish the Sinner / A Cardinal Doing His Duty

If this criticism had come from the Prefect of the Clergy in the 1960s, and had it been enforced by the supreme pontiff with penalties for the non serviam milquetoast phalanx, then the Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of … Continue reading