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Pope Benedict’s ‘Affirmative Orthodoxy’

Here is another selection from John Allen’s observations on Friday. This is Allen’s explanation of Pope Benedict’s papal M.O. It seems to me that this explanation is more than plausible in assessing what makes this Holy Father tick. What should … Continue reading

An End to the Good Friday Controversy?

Mr. Michael Matt, at The Remnant, considers the following paragraph from a recent La Civiltà Cattolica to be a semi-official termination of the controversy surrounding the new prayer for the Jews: This [the new GF prayer] contains nothing that is … Continue reading

Catholic Confessors Get Vatican Crash Course

One terrifying aspect of the current ecclesial mess is the crisis of the confessional. In Rome, measures are being taken… A crash course for priests who hear confessions is being held at the Vatican this week, as part of an … Continue reading

Homosexualism does not Correspond to Moral Principles of Society Says Ukraine Parliamentary Committee

By Hilary White KIEV, Ukraine, March 7, 2008 ( – A committee of the Ukrainian Parliament is calling for a halt to the popularization of homosexuality that has become such a prominent feature of life in western European and North … Continue reading

John Allen on the Pew Forum Results

This is from Mr. Allen’s NCRCafe column. We cannot agree with the “free market” assessment of religions matters, except to grant that it is a factor in the American scene. Neither can we share the journalist’s seeming lack of serious … Continue reading

Time running out for Archbishop Raho?

Mosul, Mar. 7, 2008 ( – A week after Archbishop Paulos Faraj Raho was kidnapped in Mosul, Iraqi Catholics are increasingly fearful for the prelate’s life. The bishop’s kidnappers have repeated their ransom demands, the AsiaNews service reports. But they … Continue reading

California: Major Assault on Home Schooling

Parental rights assaulted. Go here for the story in the San Francisco Chronicle: “Homeschoolers’ setback in appeals court ruling.” Sign the petition of the Home School Legal Defense Association.

“They Want to Kill Us All Slowly”

Asia News posts an interview here with a Catholic priest in Gaza. The plight of these poor people is horrific. They need our prayers desperately.