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Blessed Nykyta Budka, Bishop of Canada, Martyr

A Ukrainian martyr, Blessed Nykyta Budka,  who served as the first Greek Catholic bishop in Canada, is hardly known outside the Ukrainian Catholic Church, yet he was one of... More →

Cardinal Koch Dares to Play the ‘Nazi’ Card (and Well)

Cardinal Kurt Koch, the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, has given an interview where he dares to use the ‘N’ word against German liberals. Yes, he... More →

It’s March 25: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

At the risk of upsetting my good friend Gary Potter, who does not care much for Twitter,  I’m going to quote a couple of “tweets.” Fear not, it is to... More →

To Be the Handmaid of the Handmaid of the Lord

“What manner of salutation is this”? Luke 1:29) Our Lady, with wonderful modesty and humility, related today’s event to the Evangelist, Saint Luke. The account is so chaste, so... More →

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art_Ad-Rem-Ad Art, Religion, and Purpose

Brother Francis used often to speak of the importance of purpose. He would begin with Aristotle, but not end there — for “the Philosopher,” as he was known, did not ascend to the truths of supernatural revelation. Aristotle saw the “four causes” in nature: formal cause, material cause, efficient cause, and final cause. That last, the final cause, is... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Phillip Murray, Advocate of the Working Man

One of the presidents of the American United Steel Workers Union was a very devout Catholic. He was Phillip Murray (1886-1952), an Irishman whose family emigrated from Scotland in 1902 when he was sixteen years old. Murray, who had worked with his father in the coal mines, figured prominently in advocating the rights of... More →


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