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In the ‘Cradle of Freedom’: A Tale of Two Tragedies

From the Brothers and Sisters in Still River, and their bright students: (SBC/Still River, Mass.) Boston is the home of one of the most recent tragedies in the US... More →

Ireland: a Chronology of De-Christianization

Ireland’s rejection of Divine and Natural Law in the definition of marriage was the culmination in a series of incremental betrayals, over a period of forty-three years, which secularized the Irish State... More →

Saint Patrick Betrayed: Ireland Votes for Same Gender ‘Marriage’

The Catholic Faith and the Christian civilization which Saint Patrick brought to Ireland nearly 1600 years ago was repudiated by more than three-fifths of the voters of the Republic of Ireland last... More →

No ‘Foreign Influence’ Allowed in China, Except for Marxist Atheism

What hypocrisy! Chinese Communists will never face up to their own lies. The early founders of Communism in China were allied to Lenin and, despite the later facade of breaking with... More →

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father_Ad-Rem-Ad The Father, an Appreciation

The First Person of the Holy Trinity gets shabby treatment. I say that without any irony whatsoever. God the Father gets shabby treatment in His Person, in His works, by the disregarding of His Law, and by the current, widespread profanation of the institution of human fatherhood, which is a created image of Himself. If human fatherhood is to... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Bedlam derives from Bethlehem

Bedlam derives from Bethlehem. Speaking of the English, this next fact is thanks to a peculiar linguistic talent our English-speaking forefathers from across the pond bequeathed to us Americans, that of excessively shortening and contracting words. Many common proper names (Austin for Augustine; Ralph for Raphael; Jeremy for Jeremias; Toby for Tobias, etc.) and... More →


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