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The Saint Thérèse We Did Not Read About

Joe Sparks of Catholic Household website highlights some of the temptations that Saint Thérèse, the Little Flower, had to endure that are, to put it mildly, frightening. The first issue... More →

Fr. Grimm: Church Should Canonize Exemplary Non-Catholics

Below is a clip from Father Grimm’s fanciful article in UCANews. The last paragraph is a perfect example of the condescending obfuscation typical of liberal theologians. Abraham, Moses and the prophets had the same... More →

Loving Father to Prodigal Daughter: ‘First, We Go to Confesssion’

This is very inspiring conversion story. One need not be a beautiful model to identify with Leah Darrow. Nor does one need to be a young woman. Her story... More →

100 Years Ago Today Pope Saint Pius X Passed Away

Great tribute follows from Rorate Caeli website: Thank you, Saint Pius X! Please, intercede for us in Heaven above, that we may accomplish the words of the Apostle to... More →

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HOE_Ad-Rem-Ad Salvation Here and Now

Our holy Faith forbids us to say that our salvation is entirely assured in this life and that we cannot fall from grace before we come to our particular judgment and accordingly be damned. The Council of Trent labels such a false assurance “rash presumption” in chapter twelve of its Decree on Justification. The only exception to this is... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Famous Catholic Scientists

The names for three different kinds of electrical measure: amps, volts, and coulombs, come from the surnames of three Catholic scientists who were each pioneers in their respected fields. André Marie Ampere was a French mathematician, chemist, and physicist. His experiments quantified the relationship between the electrical current and the magnetic field. It was... More →


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