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Why Does (Did) the Roman Catholic Church Make Latin Her Language?

Chris Jackson of The Remnant has provided another excellent article on the reasons why the Church adopted the Latin language in her liturgy, decrees, and official communications. The article... More →

Catholic Columnist Ross Douthat Lambasts Sen.Ted Cruz Insulting Speech

I do not know much about Ross Douthat and I am therefore not advocating his columns. I don’t read them online, nor do I have time to. I try... More →

On Papal Infallibility

The Remnant’s Chris Jackson posted last Friday a clear and concise defense of the dogma of papal infallibility — what it is and what it is not — written by Father... More →

Breaking News: Chinese Reds Don’t Like Dalai Lama Saying He’s the Last Reincarnation of Buddha

Need some comic relief. This is a doozy. The atheist Communist  government of China wants the right to say who the next reincarnation of Buddha is. It’s their tradition,... More →

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counter_Ad-Rem-Ad Counterrevolutionary Considerations

Saint Benedict Center’s conference will take place very soon (October 10-11). As I prepare my own comments on this year’s theme, I thought I would give both a plug for, and a sneak preview of, what our attendees will be hearing in a little over a month. Our theme is “Catholic and Counterrevolutionary.” For my purposes, I will define... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Saint Clement Maria Hofbauer — Apostle of Vienna

Born in Tasswitz, Austria, on December 26, 1751 — the eve of the feast of the Apostle who Jesus loved — he was christened John. But he would become known to the Catholic world by the names he would adopt in religious life, Clement Maria Hofbauer. He was only six when his Bohemian-born father... More →


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