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Pope Francis: Priests of SSPX Absolve ‘Validly and Licitly’ During Holy Year of Mercy

To My Venerable Brother Archbishop Rino Fisichella President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization [Skip to penultimate paragraph, here emboldened, regarding our headline... More →

Priest Arriving This Week!

Later this week, a priest will begin a four-week visit to Saint Benedict Center. He is coming with our Bishop’s permission in order that we might get to know each other. What happens after... More →

‘Catholics’ Who Serve Planned Parenthood in the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Amid the gruesome revelations of the ghoulish practices by Planned Parenthood—the country’s worst perpetrator of abortions—came the news that the local political arm of this organized crime network, the... More →

Catholic Laymen Speak Up in Defense of a Persecuted Swiss Bishop

On August 10, as reported (, a Swiss umbrella organization of homosexuals, Pink Cross, has sued Bishop Vitus Huonder for defending the Catholic Church’s traditional teaching on homosexuality. Bishop... More →

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truth_Ad-Rem-Ad Truth and Its Enemies

Preparing myself for the regular Tuesday night meeting of Mike Church’s philosophy discussion group, I attentively read (and then twice reread) a passage in Brother Francis’ Logic Notes that he called “Truth and its enemies.” It is a wonderful elucidation of the importance of the study of logic and of the fatuous nature of modernist objections to the authentic “art... More →

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Did You Know?  Catholic Trivia

Vikings on Crusade

The success of the First Crusade (1095-1101) brought with it the creation of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, with Lord Godfrey of Bouillon as its first monarch. After Godfrey’s death, the barons invited his brother, Baldwin of Edessa, to rule, and on Christmas day, 1100, he was crowned King Baldwin I. During his reign,... More →


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